Carpet Cleaning Should Not Be Made a Reality

Carpet Cleaning Should Not Be Made a Reality

Many homeowners may be curious about how to maintain the carpet’s beauty and elegance after it is installed. It is very important to maintain your carpet’s beauty and comfort for many years. Learn how to care for your carpets and protect your investment.

Vacuuming is one of the best ways to keep your home clean and healthy. It will also help to make your carpet last longer. It’s not something most people love to do, even though we confess that we don’t enjoy vacuuming. It is however extremely important. Carpets act as air filters and trap dust in the air. This is a good thing as long as you vacuum regularly to maintain the “filter”.

Carpet Cleaning Should Not Be Made a Reality

Make sure to change your bag regularly so that vacuum suction doesn’t get impeded. People who dislike vacuuming may be more inclined to do it when they have access to a clear dirt container so that they can see what’s being removed from the carpets. You should also vacuum the area rugs. Hand-knotted orientals that are hand-knotted can hide a lot of dirt, but still, look beautiful. We vacuum Orientals that we have brought in to clean in our shop. Then we use a commercial rug duster to remove sand from the rugs before we wet clean them. Click here to read about Learn More About Carpet Cleaning Tips and How They Really Work.

If you use carpet powders, DON’T!! However, some people might and super vacuuming is necessary once the perfume has worn off, any powder absorbs any odors, and what was meant to fix a stinky situation ends up making it worse

If we don’t vacuum, dirt and sand act like sandpaper, changing the carpet’s appearance and taking away its luster. (Imagine what your waxed car looks like if you put sandpaper over it.) This can lead to carpets looking worse and wearing faster.

Many times, homeowners tell us when we clean their carpets that certain rooms don’t need to be cleaned because they get little foot traffic. We could go several years without dusting the furniture, but we wouldn’t. All that dust settled on our carpets.

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